Participants of all ages are welcome to partake in Bungee Fitness. We offered several programs for individuals who are looking to achieve their fitness goals or strengthen their mind and body. All the meanwhile without placing too much stress on the body and having fun doing it.

Although there is no minimum are restriction, we welcome children as young as 10 years of age to participate in bungee fitness. However, any participants under the age of 18 must have parent consent and supervision at all times. Furthermore, we welcome senior participants as well. Any participant with medical conditions or restrictions, should consult their doctor or a qualified medical professional before attempting bungee fitness.

Each bungee cord is rated for a particular weight class. The minimum allowable weight is 80lbs while the maximum is 205lbs.

Any type of comfortable athletic gear and shoes are acceptable. However, the bungee harness must be secured around the participant's waist and thighs. Therefore, baggy or excessively loose clothing are not recommended.

Check our schedule to determine which class best suits your needs. Then please visit our contact page or call us directly (210) 834-4573 to begin the registration process.

Bungee fitness equipment are consumable products. Over time, the bungee cables begin to lose their resistance, safety straps are no longer as durable, and the body harness may exceed the ability of proper sanitation. Therefore, this equipment is replaced every six months. In addition to operating costs, FIND YOUR JOY bungee fitness conducts smaller class sizes in order to create a more personal and individual training session.


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