Bungee Fitness: Class Descriptions

Bungee Yoga

The class is designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility through a series of yoga contortions and poses with bungee support. In addition to working the body, the class will work to promote mental health through focused breathing.

Bungee Fitness:


(Class Level 0)

The level 0 class is designed to introduce new or first-time bungee class participants with guidance and confidence needed to maximize their full workout potential. Training will focus on stretches, balance, jumps, squats, and most importantly, the fun element of the bungee fitness system.

Bungee Fitness:


(Class Level 1)

The level 1 class is designed for participants who are still new to the bungee fitness system, but have the confidence to begin learning the basic basic routines and stretches. The class will still focus on the fun element, but with an increase in tempo with the intent of improving strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Bungee Fitness:


(Class Level 2)

The level 2 class is designed for participants who have experience and confidence with the bungee fitness system to begin performing more complex routines which demand strength, flexibility, and endurance. Class will pose a greater challenge, yet still reap the benefits of a low-impact workout.

Class Itinerary

Bungee Class Duration: 1 hour

10 min - Check In/Safety Checks/Equipment Configuration

5 min - Stretch/Warm-Up

30 min - Bungee Workout

5 min - Cool down Period

10 min - Equipment Removal/Sanitation


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